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Establishing a system of exchange that is free of exploitation,organic in character & community centric.  


SWAYAM is registered as Joint Liability group ( J.L.G) of Syamantak "University of Life" interns. To nurture the spirit of social-entrepreneurship among ambitious interns & self-sustainability of the organisation, the concept of Incubation has emerged at Syamantak. Our objective is for spearheading the localization movement in accordance with the ideals of the “University of Life” community center of Youth for the realization of Gramaswaraj through Swadeshi and Self-reliance.

We wish to take a lead and earmark space, infrastructure and professional support for nurturing new ideas and also for maturing promising ideas up to maturity levels.This Incubation Program mission is "giving life to new ideas with responsibility of self sustainability." It is the Incubation's goal to augment the Syamantak organisation's special role of providing a fertile environment for the growth and development of new sustianible ideas, and additionally to create opportunities for the application and further evolution of those ideas into the greater community through the channels of commercial activity. 


SWAYAM products are hand-made in small batches from carefully selected raw materials, The ingredients we use are 100% natural. We say no to any artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Following traditional methods of preservation, our fruit-based products are made from fresh fruits & Flowers and sulphur-free cane sugar only. We donot use preprocessed fruit pulp, high fructose corn syrup or commercial pectin.

In our jam production we use the traditional open-pan method, which gives our jams distinct home-made flavour. Each batch is individually stirred and poured by hand.

Our traditional wood-oven is used for baking our cakes and cookies and for roasting breakfast breads, cakes, seeds and nuts. This is how our baked goods get their special delicious taste!


"Swayam Sanyukta Deyata Samuh" is registered with Ministry of Mirco, Small and Medium enterprises as a Joint Liability Group (JLG). Udyog Addhar Registration number - MH31A0002514 .

Below mentioned are the details of SWAYAM:-

  • Name of the Account: Swayam Sanyukt Deyata Samuh
  • Name of the Bank: Union Bank of India
  • Branch: Kudal (Dist. Sindhudurg, State: Maharashtra)
  • Account number: 687002010002143
  • Account type: Savings
  • IFSC code:UBIN0568708


EMPOWERMENT: Skills development, training and profit share programmes which empowers our interns and enables better learning and sustainaible living.