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                                                    NUTRIENTS FOR NATURAL FARMING

This is off-grid technology hand made in small batches.


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 One BOX (20 blocks) including postal charges (Rs. 350)
 One CARTON (12 BOX / 240 blocks (Rs. 4200)

SANJEEVAK COMPRESS BLOCKS are made from finest Vermicompost infused with in-house produce beneficial microbes and Panchgavya. One box of SANJEEVAK compress blocks contains 20 blocks which is equivalent to 40 kg vermicompost. Good soil is a precious resource containing million of years worth of nutrients and microorganism development. How ever to be successful farmer required an appreciation of the "friendly fungus" that can pay big dividends.  So if you care about your soil, your plants, then now is the time to get rid of all those chemicals and to use this 100% natural product. Let your motto be:feed th soil, and the rest will follow ..naturally...

Application: Mulch or bury Sanjeevak compress block about 2 inches deep per square foot.

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Good for Natrual farming ! Good for composting without earthworms ! Sanjeevak Bio-culture compress block is a wonder product of nature....


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A plant growth stimulant from Fish widely used by organic farmers in Japan, Korea e.t.c.

Fish extract also known as GUNAPASELAM is a excellant plant tonic. it assists in plant growth providing nitrogen (8 to 10% of plant's requirement). It is a rich resource of amino acids, microbes, micro and macro nutrients which also help to enhance the soil fertility. it is proved to be effective, both as natural growth promoter as well as pest repellent. Used in addition with other sprays, it helps in control of root grubs. Fish protein is hydrolysed from fish waste to serve as animal feed and plant supplement. This material was found to be nutrient rich, since it contains desirable macro (N,K,Ca,Mg,P and S) and micro elements (Cl, Fe, B, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mo, and Ni) found in the viscera and head of ish.

Application: Use it like a liquid foliar. Apply 3% to 5% in water as spray during cawn and dusk on any crop, for promoting growth, flowering and yeild increase. It could also be mixed with irrigation water. (properties of 2 lts solution per hundred lts water).

(Ref & acknowlegment : OFAI publication Soil recipes)

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Ancient wisdom is a treasure house of knowledge to sagedaurf the health and well-being of humankind,animals and plants. Vrikhayurveda is one such knowledge system,advocating agriculture with the use of natural inputs. In recent years Panchgavya has found a prominent position in the context of organic farming in Tamil Nadu, India.


  • Fresh Cow dung of Indeginous (Desi) Cow

  • Cow uirne of Indegionous (Desi) Cow
  • Cow milk of Indeginous (Desi) Cow
  • Curd made from Indeginous (Desi) Cow
  • Cow Ghee of Indegionous (Desi) Cow
  • Banana (ripe)
  • Jagerry
  • Toddy or yeast


  • 200 ml Panchgavya can be diluted with 10 lit water with proper stirring for spraying plants.
  • For soil application, dilute 1000 ml in 10 liters of water.
  • The solution shall be applied when there is less sunlight or after 4:30 pm in the evening for good effect.
  • It can be applied in all nursuries/plants/crops,once in 15 days.

Indigenous Cow Urine Gel (100 gms & 500 gms): (cow urine of Gir Cow,Neem powder and natural emulsifier) 


In organic agriculture, gardening and nurseries, it is a valuable bio-pesticide, and unlike the chemical pesticides, it doesn’t accumulate in food chain. Proper use of cow urine in agriculture and human health will be all the more important in view of WHO observation that by 2020AD the microorganisms will be resistant to the existing antibiotics.


#Reduces leaching of minerals in the soil

#Minimizes all forms of pollution

#Film forming property

#Anti fungal bacterial property

#Easy solubility in water

(Ref & acknowlegment : Dr. Natrajan)