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Establishing a system of exchange that is free of exploitation,organic in character & community centric.  

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All products are hand made in small batches, using absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

HOMEMADE TOOTH-POWDER: "All natural toothpowder"  

 1 KG FAMILY PACK (Rs.1200)

 500 GMS PACK (Rs.659)
 STARTER PACK 150 GMS (Rs.249)
Our Natural tooth powder contains No fluoride,No sodium laureth sulfate,propylene glycol, No artificial anything as in colors or flavors nothing but Pure herbal love for your teeth and gums.Discover the Naturally powered Tooth powder which possesses powerful antibacterial,antifungal,antipollutant properties which keeps teeth and gums strong and clean. Ingredients: Gomai kari, Guava leaves, Babul. Triphala, Mulethi, Sandal wood, Manjishtha, Bhimsen camphor,Rock salt, Clove,Ajwain sat.


Made from unrefined virgin coconut oil, Safflower oil and Kokum butter

-Activated Bamboo Charcoal, Bamboo leaves, Rice water, Gauva leaves, panchgavya Handmade Soaps 

In harmony with you and the environment.Natural Skin Treatment Properties,Natural Ingredients Used with No Harsh Chemicals. Traditional Process: This is a traditional technique of soap making where the oils and butters are gently heated just enough to melt them and start the saponification process. Other techniques involve higher temperatures to speed up the saponification process but keeping the temperatures low retains the properties of the oils and butters

This handmade natural soap is carefully created using orange, sweet lime zest and Gram flour in a soap meant to completely rejuvenate your skin, it’s got tangy extracts with real peels in a soap ideal for dull skin. Excite, delight and refresh your skin in a citrus blast that this soap offers.

100% vegetarian. No animal elements and products are used in the production process.


Care for your soap and it will take care of you. We recommend these tips to ensure that your Natural Soap gives you the best spa and lifestyle experience you could wish for.

  • Keep your Natural Soap in a soap dish that drains away from the direct flow of water and never sitting in water.
  • Keep your Natural Soap away from heat and direct sunlight.

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TEJASWI FACEPACK: "Let Nature Say It For You"

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It's a 100% natural face pack with no toxins. It contains valuable herbs like Neem, Turmeric, Haritaki, Nagarmotha etc, which are know for their healing properties due to antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, astringent action. Removes the dead cells, blackheads,dirt and blemises on face and gives you a brighter skin. Ingredients:  Amla powder,licorice (Mulethi),Muskroot (Jatamansi) powder,red sandalwood powder,neem powder,savar (kate savari) powder,kapil bhasma,Indian madder powder (Manjistha), Multani mitti (lime rich clay),vidari kanda powder,nut grass powder (Nagarmotha), Mango ginger (Amba haldi) powder,lentil (Masoor) flour,gau kanda powder

EARTHWISE: "Effective Natural and Safe"

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Naturally powerful Dish Washing Powder. Phosphate Free..Nitrate Free..Chlorine Free..Ammonia Free...It is an environmental friendly dish-washing powder for cleaning dishes and utensils. It removes oil and is gentle to hands as no harmful chemicals are being used to prepare it. Ingredients: Gomai kari, Lemon peel powder, Soap nut powder  Directions: Sprinkle on to dishes, add water, scrub and rinse or soak powder in little water and use.