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                                           NATURAL FOOD ITEMS

                                       All products are hand made in small batches, using absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

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AWARD WINNER at "Kokan Fruit Festival", Goa ( 1st Prize 2013 ; 2nd Prize 2016 )

Red Hibiscus flower extracts have been used for ages in Ayurveda to cure many ailments. Hibiscus flowers lack smell and the plant bears no fruit, but they possess great medicinal value and have been widely used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. In Ayurveda it is called "Japa Pushpa". Qualities of "Japa Pushpa" according to Ayurveda is madhura (sweet) and kashayam (astringent). It is cold in potency and has the ability to reduce aggravated Kapha and Pitta. Modern research demonstrates that hibiscus is enriched with antioxidants, vitamin C, Linolenic acid, flavonoids, anthocyanins, malic acid and pectin. This proves their medicinal values as described in the ancient Ayurveda texts. 

Ingredients: Hibiscus flower extract, certified organic cane sugar, lemon juice, citric acid,  

Directions: To serve, mix one part of the Red Hibiscus Flower Cooler with four-six parts of water / soda and pour over ice in a tall glass

700ml (Rs. 580)  - 

200ml (Rs. 180)   

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Wood-Apple Fruit syrup

AWARD WINNER at "Kokan Fruit Festival", Goa ( 1st Prize 2017

Wood Apple also knows as Bel phal or Amrut phal in Hindi has medicinal benefits. It acts as a blood purifier and removes toxins, aids in digestion, excellent energy booster, helps to improve kidney health, prevents scurvy, cures respiratory problems and many more...Ingredients: Wood-apple fruit pulp, certified organic cane sugar,cardamom, citric acid . Directions: To serve, mix one part of the Wood-Apple fruit syrup with three or four parts of water / soda and pour over ice in a tall glass. OR add 2-3 tsp syrup to cold milk. 

700ml (Rs. 580)  

200ml (Rs. 180)   

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 200 ml (Rs. 300)

 700 ml (Rs. 600)
 It is tasty, digestive drink. It is made of buttermilk from A2-type milk of the Indian Native cows especially the Gir cow. Ingredients: Buttermilk from Indeginous cow's milk,Naturally grown Turmeric,Rock salt,,Mustard seed powder.  Directions: Two to Four spoonfuls mixed with equal quantity of water, (luke warm or normal as per season)  two times a day, after a meal is beneficial. 
It destroys all unnecessary gases from our stomach. It is beneficial for piles in all stages. it cures all diseases of stomach. Loss of appetite, indigestion,gas.
To know more about A1 and A2 type milk click on the link mentioned below                             


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Adulsa Kalp: Beneficial in winter and moonsoon. Its a fine powder made from the juice of Malbar-nut leaves popularly known as Adulsa (Botnical name:Adhatoda vasica). Ingredients: Sugar, Adulsa leaves juice, Piper Longum powder (Lendi pimple),Black pepper, and dry Ginger. Directions: Add one tsp of Malbar nut malt to 1cup of milk or hot water.You may also have it with honey. God in winter and rainy season. It is antispasmodic and good blood purifier. It is good in cold and fever due to kapha and pitta doshas. It is also good medicine for Asthama and cough.


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Honey Sweetened Cashew Apple Nectar :  

 250 gms (Rs. 295) 
H-S-C-N is made from nutritious dehydrated Cashew Apples sweetened in Honey.Cashew apples are a good source of iron, phosporous, calcium, and have five times the vitamin C of an orange. Populations throughout the world have extolled the health benefits of cashew apples for centuries.
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