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Establishing a system of exchange that is free of exploitation,organic in character & community centric.  

N A T U R E' S  A R T  S T U D I O


Bottle Guard table lamp (OUT-OF-STOCK)

Made from indigenous dried bottle guard. Where nature's beauty, artistic handicraft of the students of “Syamantak” and the power of light meet, true works of art are created. Just like every bottle gourd hanging in the farm has got its own, unique shape from Mother Nature, so does each individual, extraordinary gourd lamp, a masterpiece of our “School Without Walls” students, adorn living and sleeping rooms with its overwhelming play of lights. It takes an extraordinary lot of work and time to make a gourd lamp, but it's worth it as the result is an exceptional work of art, which makes for pretty decoration even in broad daylight, but in the dark it really comes to life and enchants everybody with its wonderful light. The soothing light of the gourd lamp with its magical aura creates a real paradise for the soul.

Bamboo wall clock (OUT-OF-STOCK)

Wall clock is made from the miracle material is a giant grass known as a wonder grass or the green gold of this new millennium - the bamboo